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Together for One Health Our association is fully committed to a healthy future for humans and animals. We get actively involved on site and realize projects. Through close cooperation and mutual understanding between humans, animals and the environment, we can promote long-term health in rural regions of Africa. Be part of our vision for connected health! Help us to create hope and new perspectives in the villages and communities.

Zambesi Health is a non-profit organization that works to improve health care for people and animals in rural regions of Zambia through One Health projects.

what we do

Our aim is to sustainably improve the health of people and animals in rural regions of Africa.

By taking a holistic approach, we want to prevent the transmission of diseases and create a healthy future worth living for everyone.

With our aid projects, we are committed to providing access to veterinary care, vaccines and education.

Help us to create hope and new perspectives in the villages and communities in the south of Zambia!

At Zambesi Health, we work directly with the local population in Zambia. Your donations arrive exactly where they are needed without any deductions. We rely on a bottom-up approach from the bottom up and deliberately avoid expensive advertising and administrative costs. So every cent goes towards our local projects for better health.

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Become a member and support our projects for the holistic health of people, animals and the environment in southern Africa.

Together we are creating a sustainable future.

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Healthy animals, a secure future - Our passion for rural Africa.

"As a volunteer at Zambesi Health, I had the opportunity to actively participate in the inspiring project to vaccinate dogs against rabies. We have worked together to prevent the transmission of this dangerous disease. It was a rewarding experience to see how we were able to protect human and animal lives through vaccination campaigns and strengthen the community at the same time. With this project, Zambesi Health shows how we can bring about sustainable change through targeted measures."

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