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Your support plays a crucial role in the continuation and success of our work. With your help, we can bring about significant change and implement our projects sustainably and effectively. Every donation, whether large or small, is a valuable contribution that helps us to achieve our goals and expand our influence.

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You have the option of supporting us with a one-off donation or becoming a supporting member of our association by making an annual contribution of at least 50 euros. As a supporting member, you make a significant contribution to securing our work in the long term and enable us to continue to bring about positive change.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for your support and commitment. Your contribution makes a difference and we are deeply grateful for your trust in our work.

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At Zambesi Health, we work directly with the local population in Zambia and only implement projects that are planned jointly.

Your donations arrive exactly where they are needed without any deductions. We rely on a bottom-up approach from the bottom up and deliberately avoid expensive advertising and administrative costs. So every cent goes towards our local projects for better health.

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The Zambesi Health Team is made up of a dedicated group of experts who are passionate about improving healthcare in Zambia.