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Zambesi Health Zambia

Zambesi Health Zambia is an NGO registered in Zambia since 2019. As a partner NGO of Zambesi Health Germany, we work hand in hand to improve living conditions in southern Zambia. We have local roots and can provide support exactly where help is needed. Our core competence lies in combating zoonoses, i.e. diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.
About us

Who we are

We are Zambesi Health Zambia, a local NGO founded in 2019. We are made up of members of rural communities in southern Zambia and have first-hand knowledge of the challenges on the ground. Our aim is to promote health awareness and hygiene practices in our villages and to combat zoonoses, i.e. diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

In cooperation with Zambesi Health Germany, we have already carried out many projects, training courses and workshops. The construction of a dairy has created sustainable structures. We work closely with our community members and use a bottom-up approach to directly address the most urgent needs. Donations to Zambesi Health help us to improve health services, prevent disease, provide education and empower disadvantaged groups in our villages.

Our association

We are Zambesi Health Zambia – a team of local steakholders. As locals, we have first-hand knowledge of the health challenges in our rural regions.

We are highly committed to improving healthcare, hygiene awareness and combating zoonoses. Our local knowledge helps us to develop needs-based solutions together with the villagers.

Where we work

Anchored in southern Zambia

Our mission

It's time to act!

The association is characterized by transparency, accountability and the direct use of resources to create sustainable solutions in healthcare.

The work of Zambesi Health e.V. to promote human and animal health in the Zambezi region has made significant progress. By producing educational material in comic form, available in local languages, we have improved education about zoonotic diseases and raised awareness of the dangers of revaccinated dogs in the communities.

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